Hollywood’s and the Music Industry’s Perspective on PIPA and SOPA

28 Jan

Photo by:  geolawie from http://www.flickr.com/

For Hollywood and the music industry, the two most important publics to reach to gain support for the PIPA and SOPA bills  are students ranging from high school up to college and congress members. Hollywood and the music industy have to make students understand why it is important to censor the internet and remove all pirated content. The two industries must also help congress members understand why pirated information must be taken off for legal matters.

The two publics, students (ranging from high school up to college) and congress members, have to receive different messages from Hollywood and the music industry. The message students have to recieve is that there is some illegal content on these websites and that it is harming Hollywood and the music industry financially. The message also that is sent to students is that if pirated content continues to be allowed, hard working artists won’t reap the benefits of their work because their work is being given away for free. The message sent to congress members is one of a legal manner. What is happening on some of these websites is illegal and unbenefitical to the two industries. Congress would have to be convinced that by passing these bills that the censorship of the internet did not violate the Freedom of Speech in any shape or form.

The student and congress members publics should also receive a different message from other publics such as the elderly. This is because students and congress members are the ones that need convincing to go along with SOPA and PIPA. The elderly may not use these websites as much or may not even be all that concerned with PIPA and SOPA. Hollywood and the music industry would not have to focus as hard on the elderly. Hollywood and the music industry’s message would also differ when it came to people already involved in the “business”. The “business” being the Hollywood and music industry. The people already working in these industries already know and understand the benefits of the SOPA and PIPA bills.

 Public Relations could better manage this problem over marketing and advertising for many reasons. A significant reason being, Public Relations deals with maintaining healthy relationships between publics and organizations, companies,etc. This specific issue would involve working closely with the student and congress members publics to come to a compromise. Therefore, the expertise of Public Relations would better suite the needs of this situation.


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